International Meetings on Phytolith Research

The Society for Phytolith Research holds bi-annual meetings called International Meeting on Phytolith Research (IMPR). These meetings gather a world-wide audience and create the chance for researchers in phytolith studies from different disciplines (archaeology, botany, plant physiology, environmental studies, geology and many more) to get together and focus on phytoliths. The meetings are a great chance to meet people and to discuss phytolith research in multi- and interdisciplinary perspective. The proceedings of the conference are normally published as an edited volume.

1st IMPR - 1996 Madrid (Spain)

2nd IMPR - 1998 Aix en Provence (France)

3rd IMPR - 2000 Bruxelles (Belgium)

4th IMPR - 2002 Cambridge (UK)

5th IMPR - 2004 Moscow (Russia)

6th IMPR - 2006 Barcelona (Spain)

7th IMPR - 2008 Mar del Plata (Argentina)

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