Welcome to the International Phytolith Society

The International Phytolith Society is an educational non-profit organization to promote scholarly research in, and the dissemination of knowledge concerning phytolith research; to exchange information in this field; to hold periodic conferences to discuss topics of mutual interest relating to phytolith study and to obtain the cooperation of the concerned disciplines for projects of research.

It is a successor to the former Society of Phytolith Research. IPS is active in promoting phytolith studies wroldwide through the publication of a regular Bulletin of the International Phytolith Society, the implementation of a series of biannual conferences, the International Meetings on Phytolith Research, and the set up of standing committees on phytolith taxonomy and morphometry.

9th International Meeting on Phytolith Research was held in Brussels, Belgium in September of 2014.

Nominations were thought for the new members-at-large for the IPS Board.

The next IMPR will be in 2016 - the steering committee is being formed and location to be determined soon.

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